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A Note From the

            Vice Principal

            Dear Students,

            The Birmingham College

            magazine is an annual trad-

            ition, when the academic

            school year draws to a close. So, when you receive this, you

            will know that your studies with us have come to an end.

            The staff told you how quickly time would pass, and that

            you should take advantage of the opportunity to improve

            your English Language and academic study skills. Now the

            end has come.

            This magazine is a souvenir to help you remember the

            people you studied with and for you to see how your

            English has developed since you started here.

            Perhaps you are reading this easily, and it makes you think

            of when you first came to college, and struggled with your

            reading. Maybe some of you are remembering your friendly

            teachers and their colourful personalities; Adam's sense of
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