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humour, Alison's classes that always made you laugh,

           Tristan's enthusiasm in lessons, Jess' kindness, Dani's

           helpfulness and Rinku and Sophie's crazy attitudes. We

           hope that the contents of this magazine will remind you of

           our adventures and excursions, our class projects and parties,

           our poster-making sessions, and many other memories we

           have made at college, all of which helped you develop your

           English skills, and mature as people,

           Sophie has tried hard to include a range of students writing

           in this magazine, including the work of those who only

           studied with us for a short amount of time. One day, you

           will look back on this and realize how much life has

           changed. Your foundation programme, university degree,

           masters degree, professional career; all of it will have started

           with your English Language and IELTS studies at

           Birmingham College.

           This is the end of the 'easy' part of your studies in the UK.

           Your future success will largely depend on examination

           results and assignment grades. But the team at Birmingham

           College will always be here to advise and help you if we can.

           We will always be thinking of you. Thank you for being part

           of the Birmingham College family.

                                         - Rafael Salguero
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