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“The Panel commended the College for its ethos and its student-centred approach which enabled students to fulfil their potential. The staff were approachable and extremely supportive of the student body, and this was one of the positive features highlighted by the students. The Panel welcomed the College’s collegiate approach to the partnership.“

Coventry University Approval Team

Affiliated International Centres

The British Language Centre (BLC civil company)

The British Language Centre is recognised throughout Lebanon for its high standards of English Language Teaching. Founded in 2006 in Beirut, BLC now has two regional branches: one in the Bekaa Valley, and another in Mount Lebanon. It has since built up a reputation for delivering high-quality, student-centred language learning. The BLC boasts high student numbers for the region: 950 students minimum per academic year. Many students who complete the General English Courses continue to train for the IELTS examination. The centre's logo: 'BLC - Bridging Languages and Cultures' indeed represents its ethos as a great number of students go on to fulfil their ambitions in work, higher education and study abroad. BLC is currently working towards expanding into the Business arena, as well as offering Teacher Training Courses to schools and institutions in the region.

European Institute of Training and Research

EITR focus on providing professional development opportunities for doctors, nurses and health care professionals in the Malaga area. Birmingham College is working with the organisation to develop a number of tailor-made tours and programmes with a focus on English language learning and development. The College, through the Institute also provide Spanish teachers with the opportunity of teaching in China on our international placement programme.

Instituto Hispanico de Murcia

The Instituto Hispanico are a Spanish language centre specialising on providing non-native speakers with Spanish language courses. Birmingham College has recently worked with the group to develop a package allowing English teachers to experience teaching in a Spanish school or education institute in a complete programme.


Gantalcala are a youth organisation based in Seville, offering young people the opportunity to develop socially and academically in a number of different areas. Birmingham College are able to offer their members cultural visits, academic tours, summer schools and a range of English lessons and development programmes to enhance their CV's and employment opportunities.

Asociación de Enfermeros de Valencia

Asociación de Enfermeria (Asoenfermeria), is a Spanish organisation based in Valencia, specialising in providing online courses to Spanish students in the fields of nursing, social care, information technology and teacher training. Birmingham College will work in partnership with Asoenfermeria to accredit courses we feel complement our strengths and approaches to learning. Our first accredited course through the organisation is Asoenfermeria's Classroom Management (Programacion de Aula) qualification which allows students to develop their approaches to teaching by focusing on teacher-student relationships, mentoring and student interaction. The promising partnership is in its early stages and we look forward to working with Asoenfermeria and developing our relationship further.

Course(s) offered : Classroom Management Course
British Languages Centre, Iraq

British Languages Centre, Iraq specializes in language training and educational programs in Iraq. The company has collaborated with Birmingham College to promote and develop education provision in Iraq. The collaboration includes awarding of joint certifications, design, develop and delivery of English language teaching & training. Since the formation of the company in 2009, BLC, Iraq has been teaching English Language to students through offering intensive English language programs and a developed suitable curriculum that prepares students for using English in the real world and in a professional context. BLC methods of instruction are based on researches in the fields of language teaching, acquisition, and learning. BLC, Iraq instructors and staff are committed to providing excellence in quality education services.


Birmingham College has designed and developed its own :

  • MSc Management
  • PG Diploma in Management course

which has been approved by Coventry University, a state-funded university in the UK. Coventry is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education. Independent surveys show that the institution provides a caring and supportive environment, enriched by a unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience. Coventry University was 'Highly Commended' in the Entrepreneurial University of the Year category at the Times Higher Awards 2008.

The College was validated to offer the following courses in partnership with Edge Hill University.The partnership was ended in 2010/11. At present, the college does not offer any course awarded by Edge Hill University. :

  • BSc (Hons) International Nursing (One Year Top up)
  • BSc (Hons) Public Health (One Year Top up)
  • BSc Business Management

The College was validated by Staffordshire University to deliver :

  • 4 MBAs
  • 4 PG Diploma programmes at the College.

Birmingham College has set up a Teacher Training Centre for English Language Teachers at the campus of the University and is now considering more partnership opportunities.

Birmingham College has been approved as approved an Extension Academic Centre / UK Campus of Gujarat University by the Academic and Executive Councils of Gujarat University in the meeting held on February 11, 2011.

Gujarat University is the largest and oldest state funded public university in the state of Gujarat. The University was established in 1949 and has more than 100 affiliated colleges and over 300,000 full-time students. The Business School (B K School of Management) of Gujarat University is the 1st ranked business school in the state.

ICFAI Business School (IBS) has more than 10 campuses in various cities of India and Birmingham College has formed a partnership with the institutes. All their UK/Europe academic and business activities of the institute will take place at Birmingham College. IBS has evolved impressively and attained widespread recognition from industry, academic circles, and professional bodies and is consistently ranked among the top ten business schools (out of more than 1000 business schools) in the country as per rankings given by many independent professional ranking agencies. IBS has a strong and growing presence across India with 11 campuses at different locations. The student strength has grown up multifold from 553 in 1995 to 5000 in 2010. Today, IBS can be proud of its 16000 alumni, who after passing out from the multi-state network of IBS campuses, are contributing successfully to 900 organizations both in India and abroad. ICFAI, has sponsored the establishment of the ICFAI Universities in various states in India.

Birmingham College has signed The MoU with GTTU, Georgia. The purpose of the MoU is to support the academic cooperation between Birmingham College and GTTU. The HEIs aim at setting up mutually beneficial cooperation. The parties have agreed to set up a joint International MBA in Georgia, at Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University. The cooperation also aims at providing language courses, summer placement & training programmes.

Government Projects

Birmingham College currently holds the license approved by the state administration of foreign expert affairs in the People’s Republic of China. This license is an approval for overseas organization introducing cultural and education foreign experts for China.

Peace Winds, an initiative of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved Birmingham College to complete piloting of 100 schools in Kurdistan for improvement and quality assurance purposes of school provision in the region.

Master Teacher Trainer Programme

Birmingham College was awarded a major government contract outbidding British universities for developing and delivering a teacher education programme by the Ministry of Education. The project consisted of selecting 250 teacher trainers and delivery of the Master Teacher Trainer Programme covering over six subjects.

National Framework for Quality Purposes

Birmingham College has successfully designed, developed and piloted the National Framework for Quality Standards for the Kurdistan Region. The framework provides a comprehensive mechanism for the state administration to inspect education provision in the schools with clear monitoring of information that helps to Ministry to identify clearly areas of improvement in the provision.

We welcome learners and visitors from all over the world to Birmingham College.

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