B i r m i n g h a m   C o l l e g e

Mr. R. Salguero

Vice Principal

A word from the Vice Principal

In the UK we are a specialist English language training centre with expertise in General English, IELTS, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes and English for Vocational Purposes. We offer a friendly environment and provide the training and education students desire and need.

The British Council accredited English language courses are delivered under Imperial English UK. Birmingham College also arranges Educational and Professional 'Study Tours' in the UK for overseas professionals for Continuing Professional Development purposes.

Overseas we work with partner colleges, universities and government agencies to provide all aspects of educational training. This includes approval by the Chinese government’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) to provide training in China and the UK. Birmingham College is the only private UK training organisation to have gained this status. We have the satisfaction of knowing that we can make a difference to people’s lives and are proud of the recognition we have gained from overseas governments and universities.

I hope that the College's website answers all your questions and provides the necessary information you need to make the right decision to study or work with us.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the College.


Mission, Vision , Aims

Mission Statement

To enable students to reach their full potential by providing them with appropriate education and training opportunities within a supportive and motivating learning environment, and to serve the needs of the business and the community at local, national and international levels.


The College shall become a globally recognised destination for education and a learning platform in Birmingham for high-quality learning opportunities which are accessible, beneficial and relevant to international students.


We aim to become a major educational establishment in the UK and a college with a dynamic ethos which:

  • Understands, respects and values the aspirations and needs of the students and the community.
  • Offers high quality services as per their needs and requirements.
  • Is committed to working in strategic partnerships with highly ranked UK universities, professional colleges, awarding & accreditation bodies, businesses & industry and international organisations.

Beliefs and Values

Our beliefs and values represent and govern the way in which we run the College, how we behave, how we communicate and interact with others and determines our attitudes and opinions. All these attributes are the

"...touchstones that guide our thoughts and actions, our interactions, our policies and our decision-making."

Our Beliefs

At Birmingham College learner safety is of paramount importance. We ensure our teachers, students and partners have sufficient resources and spaces available for safe operation and delivery of services. We initiate and maintain a safe workplace and learning environment and are committed to safeguarding natural resources and our global environment where possible.

The College has a duty of care to all its students and staff and follows the UK requirements for safeguarding as well as following guidance in the Prevent policy.

We set and achieve high academic and organisational standards. We are accountable to each other, our learners and the broader community in setting goals and adhering to our standards, policies, vision and values. Our decisions are consultative, collaborative, timely and financially sound.

Our learners come first. We believe that every interaction – internally and externally – is a customer interaction that demands professionalism and respect. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of our learners. We believe understanding our learners and listening to their unique needs ensures we deliver individual-focused products and services.

We look to the future and believe in lifelong learning through opportunities of connecting individual, shared, organisational learning and reflection. We believe we can make a difference by examining the present, engaging the future and working with local & international societies to discover creative, meaningful paths in education.

We are committed towards continual improvement through our effective process which ensures that progress and quick action is taken where required for further improvement, innovation and correction in the delivery of our services, products and processes. We strive to ensure that our learners, partners and investors have access to the most efficient, effective and flexible options to maintain high customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Integrity is at the heart of our relationships. We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting and empowering our employees, and operating every single day with authenticity, openness and reliability. We are each accountable for doing the right thing. We are actively involved as a company, and as individual employees, giving time and resources to contribute to the community of the places in which we operate.

We treat others with dignity, and respect their individual feelings and contributions. We thoughtfully consider others' ideas and viewpoints, and recognise our differences. We thrive on high standards and we are relentless in uncovering and sharing the truth and being honest with ourselves, our co-workers, all stakeholders and the community at large. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practices in all our activities.

Our relationships are respectful, honest and fair. We celebrate and support diversity through our interactions, academic design, delivery, and policies. We support individuals and their need for a balanced lifestyle of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual well being.

We recognise that in almost every action we are part of a team, and through our collaborative efforts we deliver bespoke services. We proactively engage others, which has a dramatic effect on productivity of learners and employees who attain high job satisfaction. We share our best practices and ideas, and become involved in early decision-making where possible.

We understand that the most crucial support an education establishment must implement is a system whereby it is able to monitor and measure customer needs and requirements and in accordance is able to deliver their needs. We provide every opportunity for our students, employees and stakeholders to submit and discuss their views on delivery and developments. We strive to pursue and value others' perspectives, and desire to learn about opinions different from our own. Through regular two-way communication, internally and externally, we encourage fresh ways to address issues, and make Birmingham College an even better place.


The Governance

To ensure an effective establishment, delivery and monitoring of all activities and projects, the College has an instrument of governance, which defines the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association in accordance with which the College is to be administered and managed.

The Executive Board Committee is set up to oversee the way in which the College is run and to make sure it delivers the courses to reflect the highest professional and ethical standards, and to make effective use of the available resources. It is responsible for the financial solvency of the College, its sound management and the quality of the service it provides. The members of the Executive Board Committee consist of renowned academics, successful business people and the College Principal.


We are located in the heart of Birmingham city centre. Birmingham is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city with a diverse population.

Birmingham offers safety, excellent public transportation, a wide range of restaurants and cafes along with various entertainment venues. With over 60,000 students living, studying and working in Birmingham the lively second city provides a welcome home from home.

Birmingham has a wide variety of things to do. Your social life is likely to centre around the heart of the city where you will find everything you need.

There are many opportunities to visit places of public interest that are both historic and modern, some of which may be included in the full-time General English course – see 'Excursions'.

There are many modern gyms and leisure centres in Birmingham, several of which are no more than a few minutes’ walk from the College.

If watching sport appeals to you then Birmingham has three successful football teams and a national cricket club for which tickets are easily attainable at affordable prices.

Birmingham’s wide range of restaurants cover the global and reflect the cosmopolitan mix of the city’s population. Whatever your taste, Birmingham has a choice of cuisines to offer, such as Latin American, Italian, Chinese, French, Mongolian, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Kurdish and the world renowned Balti. From cheap and cheerful to Michelin starred you’ll find a place that suits you.

Birmingham and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer, for bars and clubs check out Broad Street, Brindley Place and the Mailbox. For late-night cinema or bowling head to Broadway Plaza or go to http://livebrum.co.uk/ to find a range of events right on your doorstep.

The UK is a multi-faith country where there is freedom to practice one’s faith.

Your religion may be an important part of your culture and the College supports all students and we can provide information about local places of worship.

At Birmingham College we aim to be an international and inclusive organisation that offers great opportunities for meeting people of the same faith and those from other faiths – or none.

Please see our full Religion & Belief policy click here

Cadbury World : www.cadburyworld.co.uk

National Sea Life Centre : www.visitsealife.com/Birmingham

Coventry Cathedral : www.coventrycathedral.org.uk/

Drayton Manor Family Theme Park : www.draytonmanor.co.uk

Dudley Zoological Gardens : www.dudleyzoo.org.uk

Hatton Country World : www.hattonworld.com

Royal Shakespeare Company : www.rsc.org.uk

Weston Park : www.weston-park.com

Heritage Motor Centre : www.heritage-motor-centre.co.uk

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust: www.shakespeare.org.uk

Warwick Castle : corporate.events@warwick-castle.com

The Black Country Museum : www.bclm.co.uk/

Coventry Transport Museum : www.transport-museum.com/

We welcome learners and visitors from all over the world to Birmingham College.

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